CBD Grape PM Syrup is an excellent way to get your daily amount of CBD as well as sleep more soundly. CBD Sleep Aid Syrup combines the power of CBD with natural sleep aid melatonin to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Each 118 mL bottle of CBD Living PM Syrup contains 120 mg of full-spectrum nano-CBD extracts, 16mg of melatonin and Grape flavoring for a delicious taste. 

Flavor: Grape


CBD Grape Flavored PM Syrup is combined with the sleep-inducing powers of melatonin and is great for those consumers looking for a good night’s sleep along with a delicious taste of Grape. 

CBD Sleep Aid Syrup is produced using nanotechnology, which helps in improving bioavailability and increases absorption.

CBD Living Sleep Aid Grape Flavour

  • The best time to take CBD Living Syrups is in the evening about 30 minutes before sleep. In this way, CBD absorbs instantly and allow the melatonin to take effect. 

    This product is not suitable for daytime use as it contains melatonin, which is a natural sleep aid.


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